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I’ve been busy. (And an anime DVD you must all buy.)

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I mean, aside from knitting controversial hats.
I got up and running. It’s using Storenvy, which I figured I’d give a shot. It looks like a great idea since it is pretty much free. That is to say, you can choose to use it for totally free. There are optional things you can add to your account, such as a custom domain – which I am using to put it at, for $4.99 a month – coupon upgrades, etc. None of that is necessary to start out, though, so you could wait until you make enough from storenvy to pay for those things if you decide you want them.

Storenvy also has this great system where there are shipping “groups”… I can’t figure out exactly how to explain it, but let’s just say it makes it feasible for me to ship charms and knitted items whether someone buys just one, both, or multiples of either, which Etsy’s method of combining shipping doesn’t do. With that and Etsy’s fees, it isn’t feasible at all for me to sell charms on Etsy.

Storenvy also allows you to customize the look of your store (So I can make it look like my website) and integrate it into facebook (something which Etsy removed some time ago). So another thing I’ve been busy with was getting it integrated with the CraftOtaku Facebook page, which allows fans to get a discount.

I put a couple of haul videos up on youtube. I have some tutorial videos in the plans… but I really need a camera that takes better video. And thinking about that is another thing I’ve been busy with. I love my current camera for taking pictures. It’s a Canon AS650, which I got about 5 years ago, and which a lot of people love for taking pictures, so it’s still worth a decent amount. So, I could trade it in and get a later AS series camera that takes much better video. But what if I don’t like it for pictures? I probably won’t be able to afford a new camera any time soon without trading this one in. But if I end up regretting giving it up, I won’t be able to afford to buy it back. Siiiigh. First world problems.

I’m trying to make stuff like, doubletime, super fast, because my check engine light is on. There’s no symptoms yet – which is kind of good, but means I have no idea how to fix it :\ – but obviously I need to get it worked on before there are symptoms.

And due to that, as well as some other stuff… I’m a horrible person for this… and it’s hard to admit this to all of you… but… I… okay, cover your childrens’ eyes……

I have yet to buy the Kyatto Ninden Teyandee DVD. T.T

I’d be surprised if anyone reading this site is familiar with Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (if you are… then hellz yeah, *awesome KNT fanclub secret fistbump*). You might be familiar with Samurai Pizza Cats, which was a Saban localization of KNT (so you know how it is, they got absolutely none of the script, it became a parody of its true self… now don’t get me wrong, SPC is hilarious, probably the best thing Saban ever did, it just isn’t KNT at all), KNT is an anime from – jeebus – 23 years ago, and despite being only 54 episodes long, I’m still obsessed with it. My first husbando is from that anime. (Yes, he’s a cat. No furry. I was 5 and believed he actually existed in a parallel dimension, and that anthropomorphic animals were more like a different race of humans than animals, okay? …Don’t ask how long he was my husbando.) I still dream about it occasionally. The soundtrack is on my mp3 player. If anyone around me knew wtf it was when I was a kid, I probably would have ended up being called KNTfreak instead of s0nicfreak. Actually, now that I think about it, KNT probably paved the way to me loving Sonic, because there are a lot of similarities.

I just blew my own mind.

Anyway, it FINALLY got a DVD release in Japan last year and in the US on April 30th. Yes, something that got the Saban treatment came to the US in its proper form, and in 1 affordable DVD set. So I MUST support it. And I encourage everyone else to support it as well. It’s… life-changing.

The Samurai Pizza Cats DVD comes out July 30th, and I’ll probably get that as well. Just to make my kids watch it and see the differences. While I say things like “See, this is what I had to deal with as a kid! All you kids have to do is turn on the tv and flip to the Crunchyroll channel. But when I was a kid…”

So… back to crafting!

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