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Loving my library and my stash

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My goal of buying less patterns in 2015 is going well. I have purchased a few (3 and one ebook), but they were things I really needed a pattern for and plan to start soon.

I got a 3DS flash cart, but other than that all my fun money this year has been going toward yarn. Which means I’ve bought a LOT of yarn this year. This is my stash in January; click for details of what everything is.

Yarn Stash Jan 2015

And here it is a few days ago the acrylic hasn’t changed much (except that I got 15 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in Light Grey, because it’s the perfect color for Derpy and seems to have been discontinued, so I bought a bunch where I could find it), so I didn’t re-photograph that, but I got some more self-striping sock yarn, removed the bamboo mix yarn from the solid sock yarn, and refilled the solid cube with wool and wool/nylon –


I think my stash is a good size now, and I don’t have any more room to expand it. (Truth be told, some of it is on the floor right now because it doesn’t fit on the shelf. But I plan to use that quickly.) So I have decided to go “Stationary Sheep” – keep my stash the same size by only buying as much as I use – at least until Black Friday. You may notice that there is now a Knitmeter on the side, keeping track of how many yards I have knit and crocheted since February 9th. On my Ravelry profile I’m keeping track of how many yards come in. As of today, 1600 yards have come in and 1802 have gone out (since February 9th). But I’m in the Highland Handmades color study club and I have been buying the Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month each month (and plan to keep doing so) so, I need to work hard to get more out before Yarncon! I’ll be good if I can keep getting out 900 yards a week… if I stop buying stuff.

So, I’m trying to take part in SnapDragonCrafts‘ Love Your Library Challenge. I also, at some point, signed up for BookishStitcher’s 15 oldest skeins challenge. My oldest documented skeins are from 2012 – that was when I started buying wool, discovered the LYS, and started knitting socks (I actually said back then that I wasn’t going to handwash socks. loooooooooololololol!). It was when I started buying wool that I started using the Ravelry stash, so while some of my acrylic may be older, I’m just not going to count that. So, here’s my 15 oldest skeins


Most of it is from the same trip to Joanns. (I still have not used that book nor those bells :X) I wish I knew then what I knew now, so that I would have realized the Kashmira and Soles and More were being discontinued and bought more. The Kashmira especially, because come on; self-striping, 100% wool in something heavier than fingering?! How did this get discontinued?!??! Sigh. Well I have just used up the last of it. At least I made something for myself, so I can look at its wonderfullness.


(Chance took this picture for me. Thank the lord, I finally have someone that can take the pictures I can’t take! My husband can’t take pictures of me for shit.)

These will replace my Vancouver Fog fingerless mitts – which were made out of the NaturallyCaron Country I got in that same haul, lol – but due to being 75% acrylic, and the fact that I use them all the time (inside the house, cuz like I said, if I wore them outside my fingers were cold), they kind of fell apart in some places and did-something-like-felting in others (of course, acrylic doesn’t felt, but it looks like they felted, just without getting smaller). I’m assuming/hoping 100% wool will fare better.

The rest of the Caron Country will be an afghan already in progress. The Patons Kroy and Soles and More will be socks. The Bernat Sox will be a Happypotamus. The Berroco Flicker (which I didn’t even have a full skein of left in the first place) has already been partially used in a hat, and now there’s little enough left that it’s gone into the scrap box.

So all that is left to figure out is the Plymouth Yarn Galway Colornep. I don’t remember what I used part of it on, but I used 20% of it – so there’s not enough left for a hat. I could make kid-sized socks if I did contrasting heels and toes, but I kind of want something long-lasting rather than something the kids are going to outgrow (though I am thinking of sewing all the handmade socks into an afghan once they are outgrown by the last kid. But that’s a different post…). So I’m thinking either a toy or some Lambing Mitts. But do I need more fingerless mitts? If I don’t keep them that kind of defeats the point. Maybe I’ll use it as one of the colors in Daphne and Delilah – I got the toys and the pattern in a Christmas 2012 swap and Chance has been asking me to make him a set every since. There’s that year again – maybe it’s a sign? Hmm.

On the otaku side of things: I totally scored today, I found a Lyra toy for $3 at Walmart!

Anyway, it is 1:45 am and I plan on starting a sweater tomorrow (I mean, later today) – one of those patterns I bought, a sweater for Yuji, but more on that soon. See ya!

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