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Mitsuwa Haul… and another Joanns haul… and a Black Mage

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This week has been so busy! I Feel like I was busy the whole time yet not getting anything done, other than on Wednesday when I got married. I actually typed out most of this post last Monday and then didn’t get a chance to add the pictures. So here it goes finally…

We made amazing time getting to Mitsuwa, and managed to have a relaxing lunch from Gabuto Burger before the Taiko performance started. They manged to get through the whole first performance – which the kids loved (I very much regretted forgetting my camera, they were dancing and clapping and just generally being adorable) – before it started to rain. Hard. So we headed home at a snail’s pace, only able to see the car in front of us, and not even able to see the lines on the highway – because there was a layer of water in the way.

As we got off the highway/back into town, the weather cleared up but all the power was out. Traffic lights, stores and restaurants, houses, everything was out. Branches were on the ground everywhere and I was thankful that I took the main highway back, where there is nothing to fall on me, rather than the back routes as I normally would have on Lollapalooza weekend. I steeled myself for another day of being without power, already thinking about what I would make for dinner without it. But surprisingly power was working on our street!

I got the crochet book Mahou no Tawashi Part 3, and a bucket of Jin Jin Assorted Fruit Coconut Candy which comes in a jar that is exactly like a yarn jar, just at $5 and filled with gelatin-free jello-like substance (we don’t eat gelatin and it is rare to find gelatin-free jello-like stuff, so that’s a real treat!) instead of $13 and filled with nothing like the yarn jars at the craft store!


Oh, I went to JoAnns on Friday (Friday before last, that would be, now) and got the last of the stuff on clearance. I think I’m pretty much set for Six Sock September… IF I can manage to not use this up before then. Which I am likely to do.

IMG_1725 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1726

(not pictured: more of that Kashmiria)

And then there’s this that was $1.50 at Walmart


I regret not getting more of it now. I hope to make Christmas sweaters for the kids (obviously can’t make them entirely out of this though unless there is more left next time I go), with that pink pompom stuff on the edges for Yuji.

Ray got this for his birthday


I frogged what I was originally going to give him (okay, thew it to the side to be frogged later), to restart it in that green Kashmira yarn, because I thought – duh, use the good and handwash stuff for the adults, leave the acrylic for the kids. The pink Kashmira will probably end up being a scarf too – not for me because I hate pink, but as a gift or to sell.

Oh, and I whipped this up for Chance yesterday so that he and Yuji no longer have to take turns with the single toy bottle we had in the house…


So I guess I did accomplish a couple of things, though I don’t really feel like it. Not much progress on any of my long term works in progress, and this week I have to worry about starting the process of getting Yuji and my last names changed. I should have started that process last week when using the car wouldn’t have been an issue, but I slacked off, sigh.

Also I haven’t made any progress with my savings toward a Kindle Fire. Every time I have to write down a pattern, wrestle the remote from someone else to check my email, or search through a book or magazine to find a pattern I am reminded of how much I want one. Siiiiiiigh.

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