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My Little Pony Fair and Convention 2015

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Since parking was free, I took the toll road. I’m thinking that’s going to start being a con-going expense I set aside money for every time, free parking or not. Because that was a millions times nicer of a drive. Except for the part where one toll booth operator stole $5 from me… he saw I gave him a 10, said “Out of 10…” and then gave me change for a $5. My fault for not counting, especially since he seemed kind of awkward/suspicious as he gave me the change, but, bah. It’s lucky I noticed before I ended up at a toll with no more cash in hand. I’m probably going to get an I-Pass soon. Anyway;

My plan of doing both a Discord and a Flutterbat didn’t work out. I ended up starting Discord with 6 days to go before the con. Even though it took me about 40 hours, I finished him! And he is awesome. And he won first place in the handicraft contest.

IMG_5920 First Place :D
IMG_5923 IMG_5947
As for cosplay, I only got pics of what Yuji and Chance wore on Saturday.

IMG_5929 IMG_5930
IMG_5931 IMG_5932

Yuji ended up not going on Sunday, and Chance – who had been so excited to wear both tutu-involving cosplay – got upset because on Saturday, lots of people thought he was a girl. Lol, I don’t know what he expected. And honestly, people think he’s a girl no matter what he wears, because he’s so dang cute, and people for some reason think only girls can be cute or something. Well, he refused to wear the Fluttershy tutu on Sunday, so I kind of girled-down the cosplay; he wore pink pants, a yellow shirt with Fluttershy’s cutie mark on it, and carried a Parasprite plush I whiped together on Saturday night.


The kids have already requested different colors, and it only took me about an hour to make this – and that was with sewing the whole back of the thing together the first time (rather than just the back seam) and having to redo it. So I predict these will multiply just like the real thing. Well, not that fast, but you know what I mean.

The body is felt with embroidered eyes and mouth, and the wings and legs are felt. Felt is great for the legs, but not the wings – they just flop around, and kind of cover up the plush if you pick it up. But lesson learned, and this one works fine for sitting with my personal pony plushies. Sunday night Chance and I picked up some white fleece and blue fleece, so the next Parasprite should be blue with proper wings.

Anyway – my haul from the con!

MLP con 2015 Haul

* plushies – Blossom and Cherries Jubilee
* Twice as fancy pony Sugarberry, cuz nostalgia (this was one of my fav pony toys as a kid)
* Handmade purse that will be used as a project bag. It’s G3 fabric, and I don’t much like G3, but it’s green & purple so how could I not?
* Fair tote bags. I commandeered Wes’ too, so I have two. Those will also be used as tote bags.
* Fair t-shirt. Yuji & Chance also each got one.

It was a lot of fun, though it is definitely more a collectors fair than a convention. Next year though, we’ll have Whinny City Pony Con! Squeeeeee!

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