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Nearing the end of 2015

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So let’s take a look at my Stationary Sheep and my goals…

I destashed quite a bit, and subtracted that from my yarn in. And I did buy sparingly during Cyber Monday. So the current count is:

Yards in since 2/9/15: 25500
Yards out since 2/9/15: 20101

So, I’m pretty close! I will not be buying any more yarn this year, so I do have a chance to catch up. If I finish all the stuff i want to finish this month, I should be in the black.

I said my goals for this year are:

Donate 15 items
Knit 15 different patterns of hats
Finish 2014 afghans.
Buy only 15 patterns (other than patterns from a list of certain people)
Dye 15 skeins of yarn
Buy 15 skeins of handdyed yarn, updated to 30

Donate 15 items
I still haven’t done it. My plan is to pick out 15 suitable items that haven’t sold after Christmas. And finish the one item that is specifically for donating.

Knit 15 different patterns of hats
I am currently at 13, have 1 in progress and have plans to do another two this month.

Current total hat count is 43 out of 52.

Finish 2014 afghans.
Fail. Didn’t happen… probably ain’t gonna happen.

Buy only 15 patterns (other than patterns from a list of certain people)

1. Big Herringbone Hat
2. Contrast
3. Diamond Cut Fingerless Mitt Collection
4. Aria’s Hat
5. Ultimate Mittens
6. Knits for Boys
7. Lidian
8. Bancroft Top ebook
9. Celestial Wonders Afghan
10. Handbrake
11. Chloe The Panda
12. Noodle
13. pineapple hat
14. workmans sock
15. red riding mittens
16. knotted pine
17. red flannel
18. peppermint & pine set
19. Zart mittens
20. Mom’s Favorite Color
21. Corbet Brook Mittens
22. Great Big Slouch

So, I did not buy only 15. But It’s still much better than 2014 where I bought more than 70 and used less than 5 of those. Status: fail, but much better than last year. I will not buy any more the rest of the year.

Dye 15 skeins of yarn
I did 20-something… I lost count. But that was a success.

Buy 30 skeins of handdyed yarn
I bought 39. A far cry from last year, when I bought 4! I have pretty much stopped buying yarn at craft stores; it is all either luxury yarn, or buying in bulk or at a discount. So that is a success.

I totally failed at the “brown bag sock club”. I made 15 bags, and I’ve got 12 left (so, that will be my brown bag club for next year. And I will be totally surprised because I have forgotten what is in them all), and one or two of the ones I did open I never got around to casting on.

I also haven’t gotten many of my 15 oldest skeins done, but if I get the wips done that I want to get done this month, I think that will take care of all of them that aren’t in the brown bags. Heh.

December Goals

9 more hats. Like I said I have 1 in progress and 2 planned so that only leaves 6 to plan.

Finish some WIPs! I still have about 28 WIPs I want to finish this month. It is doable if I actually do it but the problem is doing it… lol.

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