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New Years Resolutions

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Yeah it’s a few days late* – maybe blogging faster should be one of my resolutions? Well, it isn’t 🙂

My new years resolutions are basically

1. Buy more wool
2. Use more wool
3. Make more stuff to sell
4. Use the money from selling to get a new phone and washing machine (Dryer WAS going to be first on that list, but the in-laws gifted us one for Christmas!!!)
5. Use my library of pattens/books instead of buying more or finding more I want to buy
6. Use my stash of acrylic instead of buying more

To elaborate on that… I know I love using wool, and love wearing wool, and that it is so much more comfortable and warmer than acrylic. I now have cheap sources of wool. So why am I still afraid to use it? I keep wanting to “save it for a special project”, but that never seems to come, and it’s not doing anyone any good sitting there.

I’ve started test knitting a sweater for Yuji, and I’m using Paton’s Classic Wool DK Superwash in the color she picked out, Eggplant


It worked out to be less than the 50% acrylic/40% wool/10% nylon I was considering ordering, and she actually got the color she wanted.

Chance also picked out some wool for a sweater I will be starting for him, Patons Classic Wool (worsted) in a Cognac Heather. I didn’t get a picture of that yet, but it’s a heather in a kind of dark brick red, almost brown color. (Or at least that is what it looks like to me; I sometimes don’t see colors correctly…)

I need to use the acrylic I have for afghans, toys, and things for people that don’t want to bother taking care of wool. For myself and my kids I need to actually use wool.

I also need to use my library. I keep searching for new patterns when using a chart or slightly modifying something I already have will work, and work in the way I want to do it. I’ve decided to stop doing that. I got out all my books/magazines, added some I forgot about to my library, and put them in a more accessible place.

Then there’s making more stuff to sell. My etsy shop is empty because I sold everything 🙂 so I need to put more stuff in there. I then need to use the money for a new phone because mine is borked. If I set the alarm it just goes off at random times. It rings when no one is calling and sometimes doesn’t ring when someone is calling. Also I hate not having a smartphone!! Really if I stop dragging my ass on the commission I’m doing and then make 1 more thing and sell it on etsy, I should be able to get one of the phones on my list of considerations (not the Xperia Play I really want, but at this point I just need something). After that I need to start saving for a washing machine with a wool cycle – so that I can stop handwashing the wool and so I don’t end up handwashing EVERYTHING when my current washer (which isn’t doing too great and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to fix it) dies.

I also need to exercise more, or I should say, get back into exercising. But I don’t want to be a cliche and make that a resolution; it’s just something I’m going to do. I finally got a fitness ball, which I have been meaning to get for awhile.

* Made even later by my ADD – I forgot to finish and post this. I stopped in the middle of a sentence and forgot what else I was going to type. I’m going to back date this to when I started typing it…

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