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Off the knitworthy list and back again

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Yuji left one of her mittens in the car last winter. I left it there for her to bring in herself, but she never did; so it spent its whole spring and summer back there. At some point it migrated to the floor.

I was finally cleaning out the car the other day and after months of being stepped on, the mitten had a hole. So I threw it out. She has several pairs of store-bought mittens and gloves passed down from Sabastian and Nathan, purchased before I started knitting. They sit in a closet doing nothing – I figured she could wear those.

Friday night and Saturday we had our first snow – several inches of thick sticky snow – so Yuji and Chance went out to build a snowman. Yuji had to wear some store-bought gloves. Her hands were quickly soaked and freezing, while Chance’s stayed warm. Yuji came in saying she needed to change gloves, so I gave her the one remaining mitten, and one store bought glove.

It didn’t take long for her to realize the difference. The hand in the handmade wool glove stayed warm, the other one quickly froze. She came in and begged me to make her more mittens. She apologized for not taking care of the other mitten and promised to take care of them if I’d make more.

How could I resist? I let her pick out some yarn and cast on some mittens. The first one is done.


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