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Pink Pokeball Magnet

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I made the mistake of letting Yuji pick out a bucket of Perlers, and she picked a “princess” bucket, which means I have a buttload of pink. It’s difficult to get a pic that shows the colors in this Pokeball, but it’s all done in shades of pink (except the center. which is sparkly purple).

I foresee myself making a lot of magnets. Fortunately we have not only the fridge, but also a huge stand-alone freezer, and a steel backdoor to cover with magnets 🙂

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  1. […] doing this, so I don’t have much to show yet. But what I do have is SO much better than the pitiful Pokeball I had to make in pink back in… jeebus. May of 2012. Those fucking mix buckets put me off it […]

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