Smarty Pants Doll Large Crochet



After meticulously analyzing Smarty Pants in the show, and comparing it to the size of real life ponies, I have made a lifesize replica.

I’m kidding. But it is pretty big, as you can see from the 12 inch ruler next to it. It’s about a foot sitting, and stretched out, it is about 16″. Perfectly sized for cosplay!

I can make it with a weighted butt, so that it easily sits to be used as a display item; or all plush, to make it easy to carry around for cosplay or just for the fun of it.

It will be lovingly crocheted out of acrylic yarn. The dots on the pants and the “patch” will be made from acrylic felt. I can make the eyes either buttons or crocheted. In the pictures shown, they are buttons. If they were crocheted, they would be made out of yarn instead.

I can make the red eye hanging (or as my daughter calls it, “ruined mode”), or I can make both eyes secure, as shown in the last picture.

If there are any other details you would like customized, let me know. This is going to be made especially for you, so I can do whatever you want. Yes, *whatever* you want. I don’t judge.


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