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Q1 2014 wrap up

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With the first quarter of the year done, I want to take a look at where I am on my yearly goals.

These were my goals stated at the beginning of the year, and how I progressed in Q1:

Knit at least 14 pairs of socks.
I completed 1.
Buy at least 14 skeins of indie yarn.
I purchased 0. Though that will be changing this weekend. I did dye several and receive I think 2 as gifts.
Crochet 14 different Pokemon.
I did 0.

Somewhere along the way I added in a goal of doing 7 afghans this year.

1. Tigger Lovey DONE
2. Finish Groovy nyan Cat Vs Tac Ghan no progress made in Q1
3. 2014 Block A Month & Crochet Sampler Square CAL Afghan 4 blocks/squares done
4. Xmen Afghan 1 block/square done
5. Red Heart Checkerboard Textures Throw CAL 8 blocks/squares done
6. the beekeeper’s quilt 32 hexipuffs done
7. Actually start Granny Square Mario Bedspread no progress made in Q1

I totally failed at the Beadsprite a day thing. I think a beadsprite a week is a better goal. And I have yet to start the goal of doing 1 thing from a purchased pattern each week. Let’s call that a Q2 goal.

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