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The one year sweater

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Yesterday I decided I was going to finish this sweater I’ve been working on for Yuji. No reason in particular, I just wanted it done.


Lately she’s been complaining that her arms itch when she’s wearing a sweater – but she complains while wearing any sweater, no matter the fiber, so I know it’s in her head. But I decided there’s no point in putting a bunch of work into a sweater she won’t wear… so I ripped out the sleeve I had started on, and made it into a short sleeved sweater.


I’m keeping the remaining yarn and when it’s time to pass the sweater down to Chancey, it should be easy to rip out the ribbing and add sleeves. Anyway, when I went to update my project page on Ravelry to complete, I realized I had cast the sweater on exactly a year ago. Oops. Well, thankfully I always make sweaters for the kids too large (because if I’m going to go through the trouble of knitting a sweater, I want it to fit for more than a few weeks!) so it will still fit Yuji.

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