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Welcome to 2015!

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Wow. It is 2015. How did that happen?

Well, several things have happened since my last confession. Somehow, I did not crochet two more Pokemon. So I guess I didn’t do 14 of anything in 14. But trying is half the battle, or something, right? And I’m going to try harder in 2015.

So what DID happen in the end of 2014? First of all, I got about 20 balls of Willow Rustic.


and yep, I love it! I definately see more Willow purchases in my future.

Then I had a great Christmas. My Grandma-In-Law gave me this huge bag, great for large projects, and a Joanns gift card which I promptly spent on yarn and a row counter (because I can never have too many of those!)

IMG_5295 IMG_5290 IMG_5292

I got Patons North America Kroy Socks Stripes in Spring leaf stripes and Meadow stripes. These are new-to-my-Joanns colors; I’d never seen them before.

After that, my baby turned 5! It’s so strange that he turned from this weird living blob-thing into a person. Oh, that’s horrible, isn’t it? I shouldn’t call babies weird blob-things… but come on, we all know babies are f’ing weird, right?

IMG_0463 Chance & the scarf IMG_1041 IMG_4860

I mean, look at that. One day he’s just laying there. The next, his sparse hair is red. Then it’s black again and he’s trying to use a mouse as a phone. Then today he’s a regular little boy who loves cars and baby dolls with penises, aspires to someday work at the supermarket so that he can help his parents buy a bigger house – which he will continue to live in with them forever – and asks for my credit card number because he’s found an educational materials site and wants to buy some puzzles.

What’s up with that?

Anyway, now 2015 is here!!!! And like I said, I’m going to try harder. Last year I gave up rather quickly on the brown-bag-sock-club thing… well this year I have given it another chance. And this time around. I have 15 skeins/sets of balls/whatever that I know I will actually like to make socks out of.


I caked these up so they are ready to go, and filled the other bags with sets of Patons Kroy (and one Soles & More)


I labeled the self-striping so that I can work this into other challenges/KALs/etc. But there they are; 15 brown bags of sock yarn. Some may actually become mitts of some sort, I’m not sure yet, but I do hope/plan to use all these up in some way, and replace them over the year.

Buying 15 skeins of indie dyed yarn this year should be no problem; I’ve already got 12 covered, as I joined the Highland Handmades club! But I signed up for worsted, so that won’t be replenishing my sock yarn. Since Leading Men Fiber Arts is suppose to start doing a color of the month, I expect them to help with that!

Anyway, I’m working on some socks for Chance – I let him pick out yarn for them on his birthday, and he chose Hearthside Fibers Vanilla Sox in Electric (because blue. He is all about blue lately. Blue and only blue. Some of that may actually be purple though? SHH! Don’t tell him!)


I am at the heel of sock #2, and once that’s done it’s all downhill from there (in the positive way!) so they really are almost done.

Once they are finished I will cast on the first of the Brown Bag Club socks. I will be doing self-striping for the Sock Knitters Anonymous January challenge, so…


I will be knitting Jaywalker in Patons Kroy Socks Fiesta Jacquard! I don’t think anyone has done this pattern with this specific colorway (at least, no one has listed it correctly in their projects if they did) so that will be interesting to see 🙂

AND I found some awesome fabric at Tuesday Morning today. So I will be starting on those 15 project bags soon! But right now… sleep >.< I have been super-sick (which is why this is a blog post and not a video as I would like it to be) which has led to super-tiredness but the show must go on... which means I still had to shop today, and tomorrow I have to go to the post office to get the package the mail man OF COURSE tried to deliver right after I left, and take the kids to my great-niece’s birthday party (oh, she is going to have a little sister in April! What?? How’d that happen? Time is all screwed up I’m telling you).

So. Hope you guys are enjoying 2015 so far! Other than being sick, I certainly am. I got sale #150 over at and I got a couple of destash yarns listed at (handdyed yarn and project bags will be there soon!). And I’m so excited about things to come!! Nighty night!

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