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Where did Q1 go?

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Update: I can no longer recommend Yarnbox. See this ravelry thread to explain why –

Woah, wait, what? Q1 is over already? This is an April Fools joke, right?

Man, today is a busy day. With it being the first of the month, it’s shipping day for Yarnbox Socks, release day for Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month, the end of some KALs, and the beginning of new ones. It’s also the first day of Whinny City Pony Con (though I’m only going Saturday) and the last day before Yarncon (I’m going Sunday), so I’m getting ready to attend those!

But since Q1 is over, let’s look at how am I doing on my goals so far.

– Try again for 52 hats. This will include this baker’s dozen of Woolly Wormhead patterns.

I’m doing well on this; I made 14 in Q1. Unfortunately this only included 2 of the Woolly Wormhead hats, so I gotta get cracking on those!


– Use my library. Only buy patterns if I’m going to start them immediately. Only buy books if there is a pattern I will start immediately.

I’m doing kinda okay… I have only bought patterns which I planned on starting immediately, however I did not actually get around to starting several of them! I do plan to do them before I buy more patterns. But I need to use my library more.

– Make 16 items to donate.
Not yet.

– Stationary Sheep; get at least as much yarn out as I take in.
Not doing too good at this one. Tuesday Morning has gotten some nice yarn this year, there have been some amazing sales I couldn’t pass up (and I don’t use that phrase loosely. I’m talking 90.9% off sales.), and I wanted to buy some sweater quantities (because, although I have metric fuckton of yarn, I had no sweater quantities of any one thing other than fingering. And I don’t want to knit a sweater in fingering. Heck, a sport weight sweater took me a year!). After Yarncon, I’m going to try to not buy anything other than my 4 monthly deliveries (Yarnbox Socks, Yarnbox Classic, Highland Handmades Club, and Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month)… because I’m pretty sure that after Yarncon I will not have any more room to store yarn. So, I’m going to have to get at least 1 skein of yarn per week out if I want room for what’s coming in.

– Learn this “Invisible Stranding” technique.
Well, I learned it. I hated doing it though, and did not finish the hat. It’s a good method, just not for me. It requires a lot of letting to of the yarn – which works fine if you’re the type of knitter that does that between stitches anyway, but I don’t, so it felt way too slow for me.

– Make a good project bag with a zipper.
Not yet.

– Try Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, and Noro.
I tried Malabrigo and loved it! I have some Madelinetosh and Noro in the stash.

– Design a hat pattern.

– Finish or frog all my WIPs, and keep the number lower.
Well, I have frogged some, and I do have a lower number of WIPs. But I still need to work on this.

– Start going to the library again.
Did it! I’m also using Kindle Unlimited more often.

– Make a sweater for myself.
Not yet.

– Review some stuff.
I’ve been reviewing stuff in Yarncast, so that’s a success. I also plan to start doing some stand-alone reviews.

So overall I would say my goals are going pretty good. Tune in Monday for my hauls from Whinny City and Yarncon!

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