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WIP Wed… uh, Thursday

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Thursday? How is it Thursday?

I started knitting a sock today.

Well actually, I restarted on a sock. For some reason the last one just wouldn’t cooperate. I was getting slipped stitches all over the place and at one point a whole needle fell out and slipped every needle on there. At that point I frogged it and put it aside and looked at a crochet book instead. Chance saw these sheep mittens in there and asked if I would make him those for Christmas. Well of course I won’t say no to that 😀

American Flag Afghan 80% done American Flag Afghan 80% done

Fall Sweater 50% done Sheep Mittens 10% done

See that ball of white at the top of the Afghan? That’s all that is left of the 3rd skein of white. I’m preeeety sure the pattern is a little wrong about the amounts needed. Either that or I did something very wrong. Which is quite possible.

Oh and last weekend I got my stash and projects all organized!!

My stash & projects organization

I got a shelf and organized my yarn by type, somewhat by color, and project. The drawers are all labeled. I sealed all the natural fibers in plastic bags, because a lot of people were talking about bugs and I got paranoid. I was going to put in mothballs, but then I realized you aren’t suppose to inhale the scent of those – wtf? You’re suppose to let that smell seep into your sweaters but it’s toxic? So I was going to get cedar blocks, but haven’t been able to yet. Though ironically – because this is the first year I’ve had wool in the house, and our screen door is gone – I haven’t seen a single moth come in the house this summer. Usually a bunch of them come in! So I guess I’ve been lucky. But the tradeoff is a yard FULL of ants and mosquito with West Nile Virus around the neighborhood. Though after reading about West Nile Virus I wonder what the big commotion is about, apparently it is very rarely serious, it is rare for it to even require a trip to the doctor much less hospitalization, it’s just a regular virus that runs its course and clears up on its own. *shrug*…

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