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Yarn in and upcoming KALs to get it out

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Didn’t I promise you guys a haul? I’m sorry. I did make a haul video but shortly after that, I found out Koji Wada died on April 3rd. I was quite upset about that and it took me awhile to get back on track.

I didn’t really buy anything at Whinny City Pony Con, but I went all out at Yarncon.


Details of the yarn are in my Ravelry Stash here, or in the video.

I was right when I said I probably wouldn’t have any more room for new stash after Yarncon. My stash is full and I’ve run out of room to expand.

Yeah, I’ve said that before. But you know what? I was lying. There was more room to expand. I had to anchor the shelf to the wall and I have to stand on something to reach the top now. Now there’s really no more room to expand.

Despite that, I signed up for YarnCrush last month :X

So now I get 5 deliveries a month. I get about 1600 yards from those 5 deliveries, which isn’t a problem because I knit/crochet about 1600 yards a month. The problem comes from the OTHER yarn… like at Yarncon I bought about 4600 yards. And then there’s that temptress, Tuesday Morning, calling out to me whenever I’m running errands, saying I should just check if there’s any new yarn.


Well, I plan to stop buying other yarn until after the MLP Fair and Convention, at least. And I’ll be participating in a few KALs this summer on Ravelry to try and get the stash down.

First of all, there’s the Summer of Socks with the Bakery Bears, which is May 25th – August 21st. I’ve got a lot of socks to work on, since Chance just outgrew the last of his socks, and I got behind on my Brown Bags. (Although actually, the 12 brown bags for this year are left over from the 15 I made up for last year, so I was already a year behind. Shush.)

Secondly there’s Stash Dash with the Knit Girllls, which goes May 27th – August 21st. Last year I did 5k meters, so this year I’m setting my goal at 7k.

The beginning of this overlaps with the end of MadMay. I doubt I will make any socks in Madelinetosh by the end of the month, so that’s just a double dip not a triple.

Until July 15 there’s the 5000k Contest in the KAL Fanatics group. I have a few eligible patterns that I was planning on knitting anyway, so I will be entering them.

In June, Knit Yo Balls in the Sassypants Knitter group will be doing neon balls. I have several neon balls, some that are destined to become socks, so… (yes, my multi-dipping game will be strong this summer. I have a spreadsheet to keep it all straight.)

June 15 – September 15 in the Actually Knitting Podcast Group there’s a podcast kal where you use yarn, a pattern, or a project bag from a podcaster you like. We all know I have a ton of Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn from Dramatic Knits! I also have a project bag from The Fat Squirrel, patterns from The Bakery Bears, and patterns from several other podcasters that I need to go find.

So, lots of things to motivate me to knit my stash this summer.

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