Vileplume pokemon amigurumi plush


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Vileplume is a blue, bipedal Pokémon with rudimentary hands and feet. It has beady red eyes and a massive red flower growing from its head. Vileplume’s flower is said to have the largest petals in the world, and is almost too heavy for the Pokémon itself to support. The rounded petals of the flower are red and covered with white spots. The female Vileplume has fewer, but larger, spots on its petals. It can shake, flap, or burst its petals into bloom with a bang in order to release clouds of pollen. This pollen is highly allergenic to humans and toxic to other Pokémon; Vileplume uses it to paralyze its prey. It can also utilize these petals in its former signature move, Petal Dance. Vileplume lives in grassy plains, where it is often mistaken for native flowers.

This Vileplume is made from 100% acrylic yarn, with safety eyes and some details done with fabric paint. It is stuffed with Poly-fil Premium Polyester Fiberfill. It is about 6.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Vileplume is ready to go to his new home!


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