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Xmas sweater and My first mystery along

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I will be participating in the “Archer Mystery CAL” with the Freshstitches group on Ravelry. This will be my first mystery along! It starts Thursday (November 15th), and should give me a finished, rather large (It look slike it will take at least twice as much yarn as that sock monkey!) amigurumi in time for xmas. I’m so excited! This is what I plan to use for it…


I started on another Christmas sweater with Red Heart mistletoe. I love the various ways it’s pooling!

Begining of Xmas Sweater for Chance

Last night my grandmother in-law bought buy some vintage acrylic yarn! I didn’t take pics as my camera was dead and I wanted to get them put away. But there were a few discontinued colors in there, including a full skein of a great orange, which – though not the same brand – matches another vintage skein I have! (I am so about to have a discontinued orange afghan!) Why are so many great colors discontinued? I recently realized that I LOVE vintage yarn. Is that weird? This yarn mostly has the Venture (a defunct discount/department store) logo, and a couple have the Kmart logo. And I’m talking actually printed on the label. How old must this be? The Venture logo bought back memories… when I was a kid, I would always do my back-to-school shopping at Venture.

Welp, I got all the Skyrim DLC last night – an early xmas present from my husband – so I’m off to play it!

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