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2017 Goal Status and 2018 goals

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– 52 hats
I completed 33. (3 I didn’t take pictures of)


– 52 Pokemon
I completed 46


– 24 items for charity
Not sure if I was high or what when I made that goal. I completed 11.

– 12 pairs of socks
This is the one goal I actually completed! I knit 13 pairs of socks. However I did fail the Brown Bag Sock Club and Box of Socks, since I didn’t knit 12 pairs *for myself*. (I made 6 for myself, 5 for chance, and 2 for charity.) But now I have enough socks to actually wear, and I can save my 2018 Box of Socks until the end of the year…


– Try Noro

– Make a sweater for myself.
Well, I started one, at least.

– Make a good project bag with a zipper.

– Use my library more.
I’m not even sure how I planned on measuring “more” but there’s much less in my Ravelry purchaes page for this year than last year so I’m going to guess that’s a win…

– Reduce number of WIPs
Uh. I should have noted the number of WIPs I had so that I could see if this was sucessfull or not.

2018 Goals

– 52 hats
– 52 Pokemon
– 12 items for charity
– 12 pairs of socks for myself1
– Finish a sweater for myself.
– Reduce number of WIPs (current count is 25 in progress and 17 hibernating)
– knit more yarn than I purchase2

1. I plan on doing the Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club to more encourage myself to actually make myself socks. I also plan on double (triple) dipping these into the Stockinette Zombies self-striping KAL (since all my DVD yarn is self-striping) and the YarnGasm Box O Sox KAL.

2. So I have failed this one every year that I have kept track. But… I really need to start doing this. I have stopped all clubs. I’ll still buy the Leading Men Fiber Arts color of the month (forever) but other than that, I’m going to try to stick to buying luxury/personal yarn only from Eat Sleep Knit and severely reduce the amount of yarn coming in. My nearest Tuesday Morning shut down, so that should sadly help, as I don’t get much opportunity to go to the next closest one.

I’m going to go back to breaking this into quarters (and, hopefully, use my blog more than once a year?) so:

Q1 Goals

13 Hats
13 Pokemon
3 items for charity
3 pairs of socks for myself

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